Solutions and Services

We offer a wide range of services, from the development of concrete device drivers and creation of banking applications to the deployment of infrastructure specific Middleware extensions. Timeliness, high quality and professional support characterize our way of working.

Device Protocol Emulations

It is quite often the case, that legacy application programs in banks support specific device protocols only, e. g. when connecting Automated Teller Safes. To be able to use newer models or devices from different manufacturers it is crucial to access them via the supported protocols.

For these purposes we create protocol compliant emulation programs, e. g. running on an interposed Embedded Box PC, eventually installed inside the target device. Quick implementation of such configuration can avoid cumbersome revalidation or modifications in the application software. Moreover, this approach offers the opportunity to implement and deploy dedicated add-on features.

Device Drivers

We develop custom device drivers for you to control a broad variety of device types. Due to our long-term expertise in this area, almost every device type (specialized banking- as well as OS-level-devices) is best-known to us. These are for example Automated Teller Safes, Chip-Card-Readers, Magnetic-Card-Readers, Receipt-Printers, Special-Use-Keyboards, Fingerprint-Readers and many more.

We ensure quick and professional implementation. Additionally, we support you to pass possible acceptance- and approval-processes. Dependent on the target platform we also create native, platform-independent or specific Web-Drivers according to the peripheral devices.


Particularly older device types are often connected via the Serial-, Parallel- or USB-Ports. Therefore, these devices are only accessible by the local computer/terminal.

Through DRubeans Infrastructure Components these devices can be made network-ready and remotely accessible to other users in the network. Important aspects, like the session- and access-management are considered, to support concurrent usage from different workstations.

Software Development

In the area of standard software development, we are specialized in creating modern applications for the finance sector and have a lot of business and technical experience in that segment.

We are focused on Retail Banking-, Self-Service- and Payment-Applications. In question of Development Environments and Programming Languages our expertise covers Java, Java EE, .NET, node.js, Angular/Ionic and Oracle Application Express.

Besides traditional desktop solutions, we also create modern browser-based und mobile-optimized solutions for you.

Authentication Technologies

It’s not a secret, that User/Password based solutions no longer withstand the latest security requirements. In-fact, up-to-date software has to enforce the strong authentication paradigm accompanied with maximum user comfort.

The main focus of our activities is concentrated on two-factor-security, based on USB-Keys, NFC-Cards or Smartphones for instance. Additionally, there is biometric authentication playing an increasingly important role in our work.

We can support you, integrating strong user authentication in your local applications, mobile Apps or Web-Applications. We may share our expertise advisory only, or you engage us to help implementing the solution.