The DRubeans Device Management System enables software to control a broad variety of banking and retail devices, whether traditional banking devices (like automated teller safes, banking/receipt printers, card readers, PinPads) or operating-system-level devices (like cameras, fingerprint readers, barcode scanners, laser printers).

The Middleware-Stack allows control and management of devices directly from distributed applications in most different environments, e. g. Fat-, Rich- or Thin-Clients with Terminal-Server or Virtual-Desktop Solutions (Citrix, VMware, NoMachine, etc.). User-friendly APIs/SDKs for all relevant programming environments (e. g. Java, Java EE, .NET, node.js, Angular) are available and enable a quick and comfortable integration of device functionality into applications.


Device Services

New paradigms of the “Internet of Things (IoT)”, e. g. dynamic networking, standard protocols and intelligent interfaces have been addressed already in DRubeans components, and are consequently developed in that direction.

The manufacturer-independent Services/Middleware also supports the smooth exchange of devices and device manufacturers respectively and so don’t cause costly adaptations in the software. The whole function and service spectrum of the product is available for Rich-/Smart-Client-Solutions as well as for mobile and browser-based applications.

In practice the system turned out to be a very robust and flexible solution to control devices in many different environments. In the banking sector only, DRubeans is deployed on more than 50.000 workstations. Future development and marketing is run in the subsidiary company Rubean Device Solutions (RDS) GmbH. International distribution and promotion is pursued together with well-known device manufacturers.