Rubean Device Solutions GmbH

At the end of the year 2014, Rubean Device Solutions GmbH was founded as a subsidiary of Rubean AG.

Since 1999 already, RUBEAN AG has been developing innovative Software-Systems for the banking and finance sector. Our solutions are used successfully by numerous banks and computer centers worldwide.

Main focus and core competence of Rubean Device Solutions GmbH is the provisioning and maintenance of the comprehensive DRubeans “Device Management Platform” for banking peripherals and operating-system-level devices as well as the construction of business applications for branch-banking, self-service zones and the back-office.

We are particularly emphasizing platform independence for our software developments. Systems and applications run on all relevant target-platforms and architectures. They fully support modern Browser-/Thin-Client- and mobile solution scenarios. The complete integration of existing banking-peripherals (Automated teller safes, banking printers, magnetic card readers etc.) protects long-standing investments. The applications can be integrated smoothly into preexisting core-banking-systems with little efforts only.